People who suffer from IBS have been shown to have lost certain synbiotics in their gut microbiome.  We want to help put them back.

We have spent years trying to understand and cultivate a better microbiome – the trillions of cells that exist in your gut, made up of your stomach, small intestine, and colon. We have developed methods that allow us to look at the differences between people’s microbiome. Specifically, people with IBS have been found to be lacking1 certain synbiotics.2

How your microbiome works.

People who suffer from IBS have shown to have lost certain synbiotics in their gut microbiome. When you are feeling symptoms of IBS, this balance may be off, where the good bugs are not getting fed, and the bad bacteria are preventing them from doing their important work.  We have identified the unique synbiotics that are lacking in those that suffer from IBS. We want to help put them back.

How Live Synbiotics™ formula works

Our unique, natural & patented Live Synbiotics™ formula works in the following key ways:

Grow Good Bugs

Our synbiotics help to produce a naturally occurring chemical in your body called butyrate which serves as an energy source for the good cells in your gut.

This fuel energizes good bugs and helps fight off the bad bacteria that may be adding to your symptoms.

Improve Fiber Potential

Not found in typical probiotics in yogurt and fermented foods, our synbiotics break down the fiber and produce beneficial molecules that energize the cells in your colon.

Improve Gut Lining

The butyrate helps to protect the gut lining in your intestines by preventing bad bacteria from contaminating your Gut.


Whole Biome IBS helps restore the synbiotics found to be missing in people with IBS

Don’t let your health and microbiome lose its color! Our all-natural, patented formula is designed to help restore and maintain a healthy gut.